Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BoneLang - Set Theory (Mixtape)

Last year the duo BoneLang, Samy.Language and Matt Bones, ended their year of releases with a track titled "Paris In The Summer". It was a great track that continued to build on our interest in thier music after the EP "Pleasure Palace". They've continues to create music that doesn't sit in one category, but it isn't so left field that you're asking "what the hell is this". Through their own influences they've found a sound that's their own, combining Hip Hop with alternative mixed with smooth vocal delivery and more.

The pair presented to the inter-webs a new mixtape titled "Set Theroy", which they called "a collection of songs that serves as a prelude to ... "Venn Diagrams". Sometimes a project leading up to a project can be a obvious throw away project, but they tell us we'd be wrong, in a tweet saying "We stand behind this work wholeheartedly". As BoneLang continues to work on their upcoming album, they drop more than enough music to hold you over until its released, with a 21 track mixtape, full of new and previously released music. Stream below and grab it on iTunes.

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