Friday, February 5, 2016

D2G ft. Katrina Valene - All Lives Matter

Prod. by Tripz Traxxx

Tension between authority: our justice system and black people are continuing to be focus in our country. These tension birth multiple movements which include the hashtag and subsequent movement #BlackLivesMatters. Opposite of that arose the hashtag #AllLivesMatter, less of a movement and more focused on missing the point of BLM.

D2G is an emcee who's one to never shy away from giving his opinion on the matters that he feels needs a voice. He takes on this issue, with a aggressive attitude that points toward what one should really be ready to do for true freedom. With vocals from Katrina Valene, we get a track titled "All Lives Matter", which dives into historical treatment of people of color, and his perspective of the action that need to be taken. 

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