Monday, February 15, 2016

safeNsound - Changed My Number

The duo safeNsound introduced CCHH to there team up with instrumentals, consistently getting listener acquainted with what their doing. AmbI Lyrics and L.A. VanGogh are progressing toward the release of their debut EP "safeNsound Presents L.A. VanGogh" and deliver new song leading up to it. We get the first single from the duo called "Changed My Number", where L.A. says "There was a situation where I knew this person had my number blocked. and I had recently changed my number (just because I felt like it). Then, I realized I could actually reach out to her because I knew she didn't know my new number. I called only to find out she actually unblocked my old number about a week prior. so, it's actually awkwardly funny, but the story itself is not 100% streamlined to what actually happened". We all be through relationship sagas, and he just doesn't mind sharing his with the world. Press play, enjoy, comment, and lookout for their new project to drop soon.

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