Thursday, March 31, 2016

3 Releases You Should Checkout: March

Things have gotten busy over here at CCHH so last month's Pick Three was nonexistent. For March we bring it back, the feature where three releases are reintroduced to the readers for a end of the month post. Chicago continues to produce great artist and music monthly, whether those out side city limits know it or not. As always, one writer, three post, no honorable mentions, fuck a long list. Checkout these releases that you may or may not have missed, but should listen to again.

UG Vavy - In My Bag
2080's UG Vavy, who I hadn't heard anything new from for some time made a strong return with his last few track releases. Largely going unnoticed by me during his initial return, when "In My Bag", dropped, there was the feeling that we missed something. Earlier in the month UG delivered his latest release called "In My Bag", a track that he himself produced. This song quietly builds with looming sounds that could possibly be Jamaican drums, leading to the kick of the trap heavy beat. The production definitely has a bounce to it, combine with wavy raps of UG Vavy centered on women, money, and referencing breast reduction and more.

Tink - Circle The Block
We haven't heard a solo release from Tink since November of last year. She was featured on a couple of tracks this year but the standout was when she dropped "Circle The Block". Jumping back and forth from singing and rapping, showing skill to do both, "Circle The Block" displayed her ability to spit over a dope beat. Kicking it off with a conversation between her and her musical mentor Timbaland, and quickly gets into her flow over the DJ Wes beat. The confident exude through the speakers, with moments that let the beat breath and the words sink in.

Joseph Chilliams - FN-2187(100 Bars)
PIVOT Gang is full of artist with good music and their own individual personalities. One we've heard the least from but slowly changing that fact, Joseph Chilliams dropped something of note this month. We've heard his production before, but he continues to deliver raps you should pay close attention to because you may miss something. From one of my favorite lines "real niggas never pull out ... shout out my dad", to him rapping about wanting to be next J Lo, the quotables are there and very funny. He handles the production himself, providing us with a chill Hip Hop beat, which he sounds so comfortable dropping his rhymes. Let's all thank "Star Wars: The Force Awaken" for inspiring this emcee to deliver these rap. 

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