Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ibn Inglor - Pray For Health

Ibn Inglor returns with new music getting a guest verse from Mathaius Young for a track called "Pray For Health". On this record, Ibn ask for help from a higher power, as he fight against his personal demons, laying the pain fully over truly ominous production. He's raps "have you ever tried to save someone who couldn't save themselves", a observation that follows after stating his love of the culture of this music, but at a lose of motivation.

In a interview with Noisey, he says "Last year I had no motivation to release anything. Everything I created sounded good that day and horrible the next. I completely scrapped three whole projects before getting to the one I'm at now...". Now he's back at and wants to share his experience of that point in his life and career where he maybe felt he was 'falling', until a interaction with fans pulled him out of his rut. Inglor also takes aim at the rap game in general with lines like "Please depart from this artist shit, cause I don't see no fucking artist here", display of bravado that makes rap, rap.

What creates that 'diamond in the ruff'? Pressure. And from that pressure Ibn Inglor aims to present new material to his fans. Expect a new project from him called "Honegloria" to drop later this year.

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