Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Logan - Deep Sea / iLOVEYOU.COM

You know, if their one thing that's evident about Logan, its that he keeps his fans ears happy. Last month Flight and Logan dropped three new tracks that were set for a new project, a collaboration between a usual combination we've been hearing, probably since the beginning. Their team work most recenly brought us "Say It Ain't So", "All For You", and "Innocent", song that definitely show Logan can deliver lyrics on a different note.

By my count, that's seven songs in the first three months of the year, including "1/17/16" and "2/1/16", I'm guessing he felt he didn't do enough in last year. Yesterday he completed the count of seven track releases this year with two new releases, which were "Deep Sea" and "iLOVEYOU.COM". It has become apparent that we've gotten songs on the softer side from Logan, as he raps "I stutter when I talk to you ... I stumble when I walk with you, I fell in love with you girl", on "iLOVEYOU.COM". Which isn't the first song were he has shown love to a lovely woman, but the female demographic, I will simply assume, are going to appreciate this one.

The second of the two song slickly mentions the latter song during its duration, as he uses the weight of the sea as a metaphor for pressure he faces in life. "Deep Sea", feel a lot more sadder that the previous song mentioned, as Logan feels "It all on me now", but gladly accept the weight of the deep end, as he warns that where he's at.

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