Monday, March 14, 2016

Mic Terror - I Don't Call Cops

There's been a overwhelming number of people that have died at the hands of those employed to serve and protect. One such case in recent incidents is of Bettie Jones, who was shot by Chicago officers responding to a called involving her neighbors, which resulting in her death. This and other events continue to cause a rift between the public and police, a growing trust issue that is proving to be detrimental on both sides.

Mic Terror of Treat Crew delivers a new track that expresses that distrust of the cops over production from Akonixx. "I Don't Call Cops", a pretty straight forward titled where Mic thinks twice before asking for an officers aid. The central premise of the track is distrust of the cops, it seems at one part though we're getting two sides of a situation, when he raps "I don't call the cops, so you might get shot", to say that not calling the cops is dangerous but at the same time calling them is as well. Or he's simply stating cops are not needed because he's handling the dirty work himself. I've seen different people give their own perspectives press play to hear his.

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