Friday, March 18, 2016

Noname Drops 'Gypsy' From Her Artist Moniker

Photo credit: Rene Marban

Throughout a career artist will grow in their ideals, learn new things, and just mature as a person. One artist who's rose through the ranks of talent from Chicago Noname is one such person who's making changes as she grows. She took to twitter today, March 18th, to announce that she would be dropping 'Gypsy' from her artist name and will now simple by addressed as Noname. This change happens as she's come to recognize that 'gypsy' represents a culture of people, saying that it was racially inappropriate.

Earlier this week Noname also tweeted about dropping new music, as fans continue to wait on her long await album "Telefone". Stay tuned for more update on her music in the future.

See everything she has to say below.

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