Tuesday, March 8, 2016

safeNsound - nine ta five bluez

After delivering their lead single "Changed My Number" last month, centered on a relationship saga of miscommunication, today we get their follow-up. Continuing to experiment with combination of Hip Hop, with other genres from R&B, soul, and Deep House, their latest song takes on the concept of blues. "nine ta five bluez" is a single that seems as if its centered on personal woes, a song of struggles with lines like "I ain't got no money left". But he follows up with "But my bills paid", which with in itself is something everyone in this city of Chicago, hell the country, wish they could say. "safeNsound Presents L.A. VanGogh" is a project these two are shaping up to bring us real life narratives, possibly pulled from personal experience, based off the first two singles alone. Press play and enjoy this new music from AmbI Lyrics and L.A.

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