Monday, March 28, 2016

See What Chicago Artist Are Up For The XXL Freshmen Class

Photo credit XXL
The time of XXL's Freshmen Class rolls around again. And like always there's talk and wonder of who's going to be on it. For the 2016 class there are a ton of artist to choose from, and for the last few or more they've left it up to the fans to vote for the 10th spot. As anyone with common sense knows this is a Chicago blog focusing on the local scene so why not pinpoint the few from the city who are amongst the many.

Scroll below to see the Chicago artist up for the 2016 class then head over to XXL to vote.

Alex Wiley
G Herbo
Vic Spencer
Chris Crack
Johnny May Cash
Clark Airlines
J.R. Donato
Mick Jenkins
Taylor Bennett
Montana of 300

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