Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TLNTD - Fwiendz

 Since dropping his 2014 album "At The Crib Wit My OG", he took a hiatus which I'm assuming by the re-branding of his rap career, was to reflect on his next move. TLNTD, shorten from TalentedAsKB, made a return with a clear vision in mind, and boy his he making his next move his best move. We're getting more polish records and great art as he gets fans ready for a new project.

"Real n*ggas standing on 10", TLNTD is back with another single to follow-up from "Stylin". He taking over Tuesday for a music series which he kicked off at the beginning of the month. Today we another single that centers on the fellowship of those close. Listen to "Fwiendz" below.

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