Thursday, March 3, 2016

UG Vavy - In My Bag

If we pinpoint a artist who pulls off a great campaign toward resurgence on the local scene, 2080's UG Vavy is someone to currently watch. In the past we heard records from him, many along side is crew of friends, which were song worth posting but never really went anywhere. From U.G. to UG Vavy, this rapper/producer kicked off a return with a plan, branding, and the material to match. We caught on with the "Sport It" remix, but he's been at it months prior, a track that has a certain -soon as you hear it the body starts moving- energy to it.

UG has definitely found a sound he's comfortable with, which consist of speaker kicking beats combined with lyrics catchy enough without being over simplified. His latest single comes as a milestone after hitting a certain amount of plays on the previous record. "In My Bag" is one of those song that just doesn't do justice in crappy speakers, with track art that continues his conceptual return, he handles all aspects of this track from the raps to the production. He has a vision, hope it work.

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