Sunday, March 20, 2016

White Gzus To Drop "Stackin' N Mackin' Vol 4", Summer Time 2016

When you hear and see the name 'White Gzus', what's the first image that comes to mind? Is it this guy? Or is it two rappers, with their own respective styles who've come together as one of the newer duos on the Chicago scene. We're going to go with the latter.

The group that consist of Blanco Caine and Gzus Piece, with our first official post up of the two as White Gzus being in the Summer of 2014, with "Forever Ballin". Since then the Caine and Piece have went on to release three installments of the "Stackin N Mackin" mixtape series. Through these releases, we gotten a vision of the sound the duo is presenting, which seems like a combination of Pimp C influence mixed with the groove of Funk building on top the south's Suave House sound. Across their mixtape series Mr. E has handled quite a few of the song production, which we equate him to being that unofficial third member, like fuck it, just make it a trio.

The "Stackin' N Mackin" series will continue this Summer, 2016, with White Gzus dropping what will be the fourth volume. Blanco Caine tweeted out a cover for the mixtape, which is above, but there aren't any solid details as of yet.

Volume 1 - Volume 2 - Volume 3

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