Saturday, April 30, 2016

3 Releases You Should Checkout: April 2016

Month to month Chicago artist are churning out new music and material. At some point we have to build our own scene to that of LA or New York, because the talent is here, now its time for a developed local industry. But that's not the focus right now, today we continues our Pick Three series highlight songs, videos, albums, and mixtapes etc. that was post this month. See them below.

Joey Purp ft. Saba & theMIND - Cornerstore
If you're a Chicago kid from the hood who went to public school, seen the drug dealers, and had to weave through the streets on alert this song just might be for you. Joey Purp delivered the first single from his upcoming project "iiiDrops", with a very polish delivery. As some one you has watch his career locally, I already have some favorite tracks that are my go to in his catalog. With what he has coming, based off the single and outside looking in, he's quite possible about to have that catapult moment, thrusting him into the ears of many new listeners. The first single "Cornerstore" is a great first single, from the production to the features, Saba and theMIND, to the content of the lyrics. As a kid who used to hang in front of the corner store, stole from them and lost friends in front of it, this is very relatable.

Chance The Rapper ft. Saba - Angels (Video)
First off who does a person have to get in touch with to be able to shoot a music video on top of a train. We can guess that the budget for his videos have increased starting with the video for "Sunday Candy", or he simply knows some people. Chance The Rapper put together his best solo video yet teaming up with Hebru Brand Studio for the animation. Saba joins him for the video  where the two dance to the beat in a "city so damn great". We're still waiting on his new mixtape the "Third mixtape", and this video release is a great way to build anticipation.

Lud Foe ft. Lil Durk - Cuttin' Up Remix
Before the remix Lud Foe had already caught our ear with his song "Cuttin Up". Some time after Lil Durk decided to jump on with his own verse for what would be the "Cuttin Up Remix". With a menacing beat that knocks in the speakers, handled by Kid Wond3r Beatz, Lud delivered a track with plenty energy. He also dropped one of my favorite lines "just met a thick bitch, her name was money and she where green thongs". Durk follows up with a hard verse, opted to drop the signature auto-tune sound for this one. While he fits in the realm of Drill music, this track was not carried by the hook or over simplified raps, this is a pick because the overall energy and vibe of the song.

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