Sunday, April 24, 2016

Energe - I Get It

New artist pop up on our radar on the regular, in a nice idealist world we would cover everything, but that's not happening. So when the artist by the name of Energe first popped up with his song "High Note", he seemingly came out of nowhere with a well put together single. But there was nothing else besides one good song, which definitely isn't enough to got off.

Further search presented us with his 2015 album "Primo", a Summer release, holding 13 tracks. Across the album we are presented with the bravado of the rapper tracks like "Dope Pt 2", songs with a bounce to it, and smoother vocal latent songs. With a combination of track where he's either singing or rapping on the album, it more or less seemed like he was still finding his sound/moment.

Energe's body of work is growing, as he's dropped "Occupied", a follow up from the previous mentioned". Its a slow moving track, produced by Hardii who provides a instrumental holding a combination of guitar strings, finger snaps, for mellow effects. Energe's voices does the heavy lifting on this one, never relying the the beat to carry the song. Where

Most recently he dropped a single called "I Get It", produced by Ignorvnce, another rap/R&B combination that has small moments of displaying range. We are presented with a track the speak of neither hating or wishing, but simply going and getting what he wants. This and his previous three track are definitely a different approach to his style than last year, a large improvement due to the fact he seems to found the direction he want to take. 

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