Friday, April 15, 2016

Lupe Fiasco Announces Final 3 Albums, Releases "Conversations #1"

Lupe Fiasco seems to be making a quick exit away from releasing music. He plans to make 2016 his final year, announcing that "DROGAS", "DROGAS: Light", and "Skulls", would be dropping soon. You would think he would he give each album some time to breath before releasing the next one, but for some reason, which I would bet has been thought out and planned with a purpose, he's doing this way. He took to social media to reiterate his plan in the tweet below: 

While Lupe has stated his plans and ultimately his retirement, plans do change and this thing called life never stays the same. So as fans prepare their minds for the new music, Lupe Fiasco kicks off his campaign towards its release with a update called "Conversations #1". Uploaded to his soundcloud account, its a podcast like conversation where Lupe gathers with Race of Primeridian, Keith Stallings, Aaron Ireland, and other members of a organization called "Lifting Ourselves Through Us", recorded back in 2013. This group of men speak about the the social responsibility that the media has toward the growing minds of children who hear certain types of music and information daily at all hours. Listen to it in full below.

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