Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mick Jenkins New Project Is Almost Ready

2015's "Wave[s]", Mick Jenkins latest project that saw a team up with painter Hayveyah McGowan, that was a continuation of delivering great songs while getting production with a more up beat tempo. Since the release of that project we've gotten a steady output of music from him, whether it be his own song drops or songs he had been featured on. Jenkins' aslo delved in to a short live rap spat with another Chicago artist, and been featured as XXL's Freshman 2016 Cover nomination.

He recently took to social media to update the followers on his new project. He's talked about the project in the past, which is titled "The Healing Component", saying he's aiming for a Summer release. Mick went into some detail with J-Fresh about the concept saying he introduced an idea on the "Water[s]" and that "The Healing Component" would further explain. At the moment we cam only guess about features and production, but he has been working with Kaytranada on the most recent track release "The Artful Dodger" may, at the least, be a bonus track. He confirmed THEMpeople, which is not a surprise, maybe he's even gotten Jill Scott on a song, just maybe. Read his words and listen to his latest music below.

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