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Q+A: Ramaj Eroc Details Moving To LA, Motivation, & Upcoming Project

Enter 2012, Ramaj Eroc drops "For The Love", a upbeat track that featured another artist by the name of Pancho. This piano filled record, produced by Evelution, grabbed element of jazz and soul to ask if don't do it for the love then what do you do it for. It was and still is a great song with feel good vibes that only boast 26 thousand streams. Since then each year coverage was steady from CCHH.

Ramaj Eroc and crew members of Surreal Gang, which also include his brother and fellow artist Hona Costello, are some of the many Chicago artist looking to expand. Most times in music, this means heading to one of the coast, LA or NY. Ramaj seems to have found some success in the move garnering a fans base from a consistent output of good music and a strong work ethic.

He's preparing for his next project at the moment, "Last Train 2". So far he's dropped some strong singles "Hooptie" produced by D-errick, "I Love You More" featuring Noname, and "Turnt" featuring Tati Elicia. With a ability to deliver a good range of songs, from high energy tracks to showing his skills as an emcee, Eroc is a rapper to pay attention to. CCHH had the chance to ask him some question about his plans, motivation and starting his own label. Checkout the Q&A below.

- At what point did you decide to make the move from Chicago to LA?

My brother Hona Costello & the group he was a part of was lowkey considering on moving to New York. This was in 2010. I was just going to roll with them since they were poppin' at the time. We ultimately ended choosing Los Angeles because of the weather. haha! We just figured relocating would be the best move for us because at that time Chicago didn't have Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, etc. Like, those guys were there but they BLEW UP when we left, which brought all the spotlight & focus to Chicago.

- You rapped about not coming back home until you make it. What motivates you?

I left Chicago with a purpose, and that purpose was to fulfill my dreams & aspirations before returning. Before I moved, so many people thought I was just talking shit. The longer I prolonged the move, the more they thought I was lying. I obviously proved them wrong & so many people were shocked. Those same people motivate me today. I have a lot of people rooting for me though. It's been five years now. I'll plan on coming back this year, so you know what that means. ;)

- You're dropping "Last Train 2", what would you say the mood of this project is?

It's a very dark project yo! I'm very big on subject matter & getting major points. I like to preach, if you haven't noticed. My music is filled with underlining messages, like 'N*ggas & B*tches'. People think that song is just nigga this, bitches that, but at the end of the song I say 'we give these words meaning'. That's what this project is that's catchy as well as purposeful.

(Hear "Last Train")

- Is "Last Train 2" a continuation of "Last Train"? Or are you taking a different approach?

It's a continuation of my first ever project called 'Last Train To Japan', which was inspired by Diddy Dirty Money's 'Last Train To Paris' album. I called it 'Last Train To Japan' as a tribute to the people of Japan after that huge earthquake & tsunami in 2011. Now, I'm headed somewhere else with this new project. Where? You have to listen to find out.

- Last year you dropped the single "Hooptie", Which garnered a lot of attention especially on soundcloud. How'd you come across this production and where did you get the concept for it? 

I've worked with the producer D-errick before I dropped 'Hooptie'. He sent me a batch of beats & that one stood out the most. He's pretty dope with the beats. The concept just came to me. The instrumental was dark & grungy. ;I just went with whatever came to me.

- Will "Hooptie" be on "Last Train 2"?

Yes, 'Hooptie' will be on 'Last Train 2'.

- You drop the final single "Turnt" on the 15th of March. Does this mean you have a release date set for your project?

I don't have an exact date, but I am throwing a listening party in Los Angeles a few days after my birthday in May. I can't wait for that.

- You started your own label. What prompted you to do it? 

Growing up, I looked up to artist that were also record label owners, like 50 Cent, Ja Rule & Irv Gotti, Diddy, Lupe Fiasco, etc. I've always wanted to be that artist that would give fellow artist the chance to be great because I know how it feels to not know which direction to go. I'm the founder of Determined Adversity Entertainment and co-founder of Surreal Sound Recordings alongside my brother Hona Costello! I have a few artist on my label working on new music right now, so look out for Surreal & D.A. in the near future.

- Have you ever thought of signing to a major label? 

I've always thought about that, especially at a young age. I always thought signing to a major label was equivalent to making it to the NBA. I don't really think too much of it these days. I had to realize this music thing is also a business & there's more to it than just making a hot single.

Q+A conducted by Curtis "Rewind it DJ" Carey

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