Monday, April 4, 2016

Ronnie Ronnie - Mean (EP)

Refocusing his attention, from "Natural Fee" a project he's been working on for sometime, Ronnie Ronnie surprises us to deliver a body of work called "Mean". This man of multiple talents, song writer/producer/singer, has worked toward creating his own space in a scene full of creatives, taking his time develop a sound that would set him apart.

Today we get a EP called "Mean", holding six tracks and featuring MRB, who we heard on "Let It Out". Ronnie Ronnie crafts enjoyable songs, that show growth from past releases, a more polished delivery and cohesive thought in the music. Kicking the EP off, he takes things slow with a short intro track at awe with someone saying "never seen no one like you". He follows up with "Lover Boy", which by the second track Ronnie does a pretty good job of presenting us with the project's concept of infatuation and the feelings around it.

Ronnie Ronnie seems to know what he wants, in terms of production, handling much of it himself with addition sounds from Infinite Numbers. Him knowing what he wants shows comfortability, very apparent on songs like "Let It Out". This project is simply fresh to the ears so its a recommended listen. While he doesn't have a super vocal range, he delivers a soothing vocals and sounds combine with a array of production. Listen below.

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