Thursday, April 14, 2016

safeNsound presents L.A. VanGogh (EP)

November 2015, we're introduced to the a new duo on the scene of Chicago. AmbI Lyics and LA VanGogh initiated our ears with their signature tag "You are now safe and sound", on a track called "If You Cared". A flip of Teddy Riley production and a sample of the style they were either testing out or had already tested and ready for take off. safeNsound would go on to release singles leading up to this new EP titled "safeNsound Presents LA VanGogh".

LA and AmbI presents listeners with a seven track project featuring YomÍ, Sherren Olivia and Nosidam. What we get is vibrant sounds that's a display of what their combination of talents bring. With up beat tempo track, to more relaxing tracks, there's a purpose behind the the music, a presentation of perspectives that are delivered through vocals not overshadow by the production. Its a head nodding listen with stand out singles "nine ta five bluez" and "changed my number". Stream the full project below.

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