Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Saint Millie - Adderall (Album)

Of the many crews in the Chicago, few are able to presents multiple names that standout even among the crowd. Many times there's the lead and the rest look as though they're just the homies in the back ground. Some group of artists find a way to live in the rap space as a squad without being overshadowed by the name of their crew or the lead person, having individual names thriving connected to one. One such artist, from the collective Treated Crew, is Saint Millie who's stayed consistent in his releases.

Saint Millie keeps his career moving in a forward path with the release of a new project called "Adderall". Named after a drug use to treat ADHD, effecting the brain in some sort of super technical way that a hip hop blogger don't really understand. Moving right along. Millie delivers a ten track project, getting production from OakStreet Media, Paris Beuller, C-Sick, Mano, 808 Mafie, Lee On The Beat, Timmy V, and Brenmar. Fellow Chicago artist Logan, Sicko Mobb, and Sir Micheal Rocks all appear as guest

The project kicks of with a sort a chop and slowed sample of Alicia Keys "Unthinkable". With raps of the grind, relations with the opposite sex, and riding down his block he grew up on. Its sort a ode to a street he reps, which is also the name of his management, called "Oak Street Anthem". Throughout the track we get a sing-rap song, a calm start to the project.

Over the course of "Adderall" the vibe of this project becomes more apparent. Saint Millie deliver tracks with  more energy and catchy hook, such as on "Three Dubs". He continues the voice affects, but a bit more on the song "Freak", which is a track with a super great vibe to it with a bounce. Mano and Sir Micheal Rocks join him on the oldies sampled "No Heauxs", that has considerable bass when played at high volumes. Tracks like "Little Bit", feels like Famous Dex should have been on it, with production definitely fit for adding energy to a party.

Many of the song on this project hold hard hitting production, but each track live as their own. The second half of the project sees production that's a bit more diverse, straying away from a repetitive sequence. We get smoother Bop style on the track "Hollywood", which features Sicko Mobb. Overall Saint Millie delivers a pretty decent release. Not a big fan of the voice effects, and the project has its moments, so its a recommended listen.

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