Thursday, April 21, 2016

ShowYouSuck To Drop New Project Next Month

Back in 2014 ShowYouSuck dropped off the single "Gucci Mane", produced by Walking Shoe. The single release was followed by multiple videos for this one song, a sort of campaign toward a new EP called "Bummer". While the track art said "Bummer EP coming out in June ... or somethin' bro" it ended up being "or somethin' bro", as Show decided not to drop the project. But it wasn't as if he didn't already have pretty new material out from the prior year, as he was still pushing his project "Dude Bro" at the time. He went on to release a different project called "Alf Fan 420", which should be pointed out that this guy is consistently creating.

ShowYouSuck recently took to social media to tell fans that the EP "Bummer" had returned to focus. So now we can expect a upcoming EP next month in May, but there's not exact date at this point. In the same tweet he hint at a new group that he's going to announce after the EP is released. See the tweet below.

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