Friday, May 6, 2016

Don El$on - The Go / P.T.G.D.

Don El$on back at with the new releases, dropping a track called "The Go/PTGD". Following up from "MFTOA", a short but telling track about his first time off the lean, he continues to build his repertoire as a emcee. Today we premier a new track that's actually a two for one special. While he's pretty new to most El$son is definitely dropping off some prime bars, showing a ability to string ideas together on tracks. He show how important it is to present the message through dope flow and great production choices. "The Go" the first part of the track, kicks off with a very soulful sample painting a picture of the concrete jungle that Chicago can be at times. The second part of the phases in, "PTGD", with a little more energy that encourages us to party and have fun instead of the bullshit.

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