Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lupe Fiasco Will No Longer Drop 3 Albums Before Exit

Lupe Fiasco had plans to drop three new albums this year then make a exit from the rap game. Its seems his interest lies else where but before he goes fans will get to hear "DROGAS" and "Skulls", so "DROGAS Light" is no longer in the plans.

Plenty active on social media Lupe took to twitter to explain why his plans have switched with a tweet to a fans' statement of a "better look", saying "Tru...but #DrogasLight feels too much like forced it's best we done that wave and stick with the #2pc". There's no exact date as to when he plans to drop these albums, but some features so far are Nikki Jean, Troi, and Crystal Torres and is waiting or trying to get Damian Marley.

Leading up to the album Lupe Fiasco has been releasing "Conversations", so far we've one and two and "Meditations On A New Diasporic Mythology Complex". He joins others to have a conversation about media's responsibility in society and meditates about his ideals on myths. Listen below.

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