Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Three Picks From The Month Of May

As May comes to an end we reflect on some releases that we're great, but maybe you missed. Our 'Pick Three' series puts only 3 songs, video, albums, etc, in the spot light based strictly off opinion. This segment, where I pick three post from the current month, pinpoints that stood out to me or that I've added to my playlist and have it on repeat. I don't like long lists so we're just picking three, its that simple.

Chin Chilla Meek & Ty Money - Sibley16 (Video)
A lot times its so easy to let the beat do all the work. We've heard many artist take a back seat to the production when taking on a buzzing/popular track. This can most definitely happen on all original songs as well. When jumping on a hot 'industry' beat, you have to make it your own, or get lost in the crowd of the hundreds or thousands of rendition. That brings us to "Sibley16", the collaborative track from Ty Money and Chin Chilla Meek. These two Harvey emcees dropped raps that were far from lack luster, delivering constant quotable lines. For the video these two brought out the whole hood, for a show unity in their neck of the woods. Why is this a 'Pick Three' choice? Just watch the video.

Sofar x Via Rosa "We Can't Touch" (Live Performance)
Sofar is definitely bringing great intimate gatherings for live performance to Chicago and other cities. Recently it was Via Rosa's turn to deliver her voice for the people. There are many good singers in music, they sound good on track and just alright live. Here's a artist in the Chicago scene who can deliver great songs and put on great live shows. For her Sofar showcase, Via performed a song titled  "We Can't Touch", which she release about a year ago. With out actually being there to see the performance, you can tell she had the crowd in the palm of her hand, with strong vocals and a very smooth and modulated delivery. We'll update you on any upcoming shows.

Black Matt - Phone
Here's one of those guys that continues to drop good high energy raps. He's been dropping of tracks that will lead up to the release of his project "MERCH". One of those song is "Phone", getting production from frequent collaborator RMB Justize, Black Matt delivers Punk raps. Brash in nature with a memorable hook, Matty spit at time rapid raps, matching the energy of the beat. This is surely a song to tear some shit up to. While he hasn't became a widely known name as of yet, its only a matter of time.

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