Monday, June 27, 2016

Fight Me - Annie

It seems that Supa Bwe isn't done with collaborative groups with his fellow Chicago rappers. Hurt Everybody seemed to be on an escalator to success but that was railroaded due to internal disagreements. That hasn't deterred Supa from teaming up with UG Vavy and Shepard Hues. If you heard the "I'm Done Ballin" EP, then VVS Shordy" might have been some indication as to the sound well get from this new trio. Fight Me, the name they're performing under, is completely new and its pretty early to say what we can expect from them.

Individually we've come to know UG Vavy and Supa Bwe, with Shepard Hues being the relatively new name. UG took some time away from the music and returned with a rejuvenated sound with intent toward a new project. He's been dropping some pretty strong records that make for a great live performances, like "Gawp", "In My Bag", and "Sport It". Supa Bwe continues to be one of the most consistent artist in the scene, keeping new music coming. He's garnered a loyal fan-base through continuously good releases combined with a unique style. Supa aims to drop "Dead Again 3" July 4th. Shepard Hues is the least notable one here, but his name is far from completely new to us. He handled the production for one favorite collaboration from  CHURCHDONTSTOP and Qari on "No Sleep". His soundcloud page notes three of his talents "Singer, Producer, Engineer", so we get an idea of what we can expect.

The Fight Me trio drops off their first official release, and it bangs in the speaker. UG Vavy get the credit for this production, as we get a song titled "Annie". 

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