Monday, June 27, 2016

G Herbo 'XXL Freshman Freestyle + Interview

photo credit via twitter
On Twitter we'd seen G Herbo become restless about his turn for everyone to see his XXL Freshman 2016 Freestyle. With so much talk about the way Desiigner presented his freestyle, which really wasn't a freestyle or a rap, we felt G Herbo's frustration of being impatient. But, the day after the BET Awards, which was much talked about via social media, we get Herb's bars and also a interview.

Rocking a vest, that I'll assume is bulletproof, we get rap that paint a picture of a stark experience. One thing to point out is that Herb spits for over 2 minutes, which is pretty lengthy considering I can't remember anyone rapping that long. He had plenty to say about how things that he did could have taken a far left turn for the worse, so in the end "look at me now, tell me congratulation".

With the freestyle, there's an interview where we gives some insight as to what G Herbo's plans for his career on the business side and dropping a album in the Fall. He talks about having is own company, 150 Dream Team, which is teamed with Machine Ent. G Herbo looks to stay independent, as he says "I like being independent, it make me smart, it make me stay on my business, it help me learn the business". Watch the both the freestyle and interview below.

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