Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Psalm One & Angelenah - Gender, Fender, Bender (Album)

A veteran emcee that's held the titled of "First Lady of Rhymesayers", dealt with ups and downs in her career, continues to deliver consistent material to the fans. Psalm One continues on her path with a new project called "Gender Fender Bender", and its packed. Often times people get stuck in what the rest of the industry is doing, that we don't go for our own ways of connecting and making a lasting relationship with the people. Everyone takes the same route of delivery but for this new album Psalm aims to bring something special.

"Gender Fender Bender", is triple disc album, only available in physical form, directly from her. No streaming on iTunes, Soundcloud, etc. The only other Hip Hop artist who, I can think of that, attempted this was Lupe Fiasco, which he canceled, called "LupEND". While releasing a disc album is obviously nothing new, Psalm does channel ones love of the exclusive things and demonstrates that we can't consider CDs antiques just yet. Selling a album that you can only get directly, in the physical, at limited quantity, is essentially a item for collectors. This is album that truly show what independent artist are about.

Three disc, three parts, but not all Psalm One, Angelenah, the fellow Rapper Chicks member, takes over to star on the "Bender"disc". Throughout the full project she gets MURS, ProbCause, PROF, Longshot, Add-2, Vic Spencer, Yomi, and many more with production from OnGaud, Optiks, Doc Da Mindbenda, Mulatto Patriot, and Wes P, to name a few.

You can get the triple album at one of the live concerts or online, Here.

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