Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Squeak - diamonds4irene

If you've been to a PIVOT Gang show to see it members perform then you've surely notice the bearded dread head guy on the DJ duties. His name is Squeak, also a member of PIVOT, and also a producer. His production is fairly new to us, as he holds credit for the "Work For Me", the DinnerWithJohn and MFnMelo track, as well as remixing "One In a Million". Today we bring you Squeak handling the production on his own, an original beat, that gets live instruments combined with sample vocals. Harpist[singer, producer, dreamer] named Yomi, a the Bass player Brian Sandborn, and his friend Daoud who's vocals were sampled, all contribute to this new track. All this is arranged to create what is titled "damonds4irene"

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