Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3 Picks From The Month of August

August is at its end so I decided to continue to the tradition of this site to bring our audience another of our three picks from this month. Chicago as a scene, continues to churn out music that the world should know about. So here is three release or posts that went up on this site from this month. Read about them below.

BackWood Jones - Dear Life (Video)
Arguably one of the best songs/videos to drop this month, if not the best, YP dropped "Dear Life". He demonstrated pure emcee skills, giving us some very great lyric driven music. Its also a very personal record that takes the listener through a time period in his life, centered on success and tragedy. For me this hits at the heart as a very relatable record set as a open letter to life itself. YP opts to not rely on a catchy hook, over a smooth, bare, piano filled, beat. If you haven't heard this one yet obviously you should press play ASAP.

Xavier & The Thrill ft. Saba - Tears of Legend
The second week of the month we heard a new track from Xavier & The Thrill. This one centers on life growing up and having to handle thing on his own, essentially becoming "the man of the house". This also caught my attention for the very personal nature of the lyrics. Speaking about his father's illness and the things he's seen and had to deal with, but as he says it "legends don't cry", this song brings a certain feeling through the air-waves. Saba, the featured artist, kicks this song off with a verse with a heavy voice adding to the deep atmosphere of the production which is handled by Shepard Hues.

LA VanGogh - No Service
Just having fun, LA VanGogh dropped one the more up beat tracks with a great bounce to it. Delivering a hook that catches the attention off it catchy repetitiveness, "No Service" bangs in the speakers. VanGogh brings that confidence in the raps, switching flows and providing much energy. I actually played this one in a car, its definitely makes a long drive enjoyable and a short drive doesn't do this track justice. He jumps in the competitive rings of dropping off some bars, to demonstrate that when its time to rap, he's here for it.

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