Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lucki - Freewave 2 (Mixtape)

Last year we heard the project called "Freewave", which was led up to by a series of songs part of a campaign toward the project release. What was presented where a combination of slurred and slowed raps over production ranging from high energy sampled hits, like "Freewave Freestyle" and "Freewave Freestyle 4" and a couple few calm song like "Backhome". One thing that stood out was the fact that we heard influence from Texas and influence from early Gucci Mane, that trap sound but making all Lucki

Lucki gets cover art that put a spin on Nirvana "Nevermind", to bring us "Freewave 2" the project. Leading up to part two we heard "Dirty Demons", "Speed Demon", "Pop Out/Up", and "6th Sense", which was continued trap heavy sound. He get production from Hytman, Mayhem Meech, Plu2o Nash, Lil VoeoTB, Tay Master Chef, DP Beats, and more. Stream the mixtapes below.

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