Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Appleby - 25

Yesterday, September 13th Appleby post a very personal note, a message from the creative to his fans. He thank Elias Abid for helping him with his creative process, opened up about the expectations of his sound, and future music. You can read the full letter here.

Today he celebrates his birthday with a new song release, titled after his age, "25". Produced by Elias Abid, this track centers on growing up, realizing some things now that he's a year older. "I'm all over the place at 25", words in the track art which can add some perspective of where he's coming from in this song. The age 25 is literally have way to 30, so new thoughts about being a man and life start to swarm the mind, and that's what he seems to be expressing.

This is the first of many new songs that are coming. He working on a new project titled "T.K.A.G.", and wants to deliver some new material before then. 

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