Friday, September 16, 2016

Chance The Rapper and NAACP Team Up For Election

The hip-hop world and political world have always seemed to cross paths. Whether it be sending a political message to its listeners, creating songs that paint a picture of social structures during a certain era, or being on the front lines of bringing a cause to the mainstream, hip-hop and politics have always had a relationship dating back to hip-hop’s beginning.

Chance The Rapper is attempting to bring both worlds together for a simple cause: vote. The Chicago rapper announced this week that he and the NAACP have come to a partnership for their #staywokeandvote campaign. Chance announced on his Twitter that he will be teaming up with the organization to give his concertgoers the opportunity to register to vote.

NAACP volunteers will set up at several U.S. performances of Chance’s “Magnificent Coloring World Tour” to help first-time voters register for the upcoming presidential election. Cities on Chance’s tour that will give fans the opportunity to register are: Chicago, Fairfax, Raleigh, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, and San Francisco

NAAC President and CEO William Brooks spoke highly of this partnership saying, “Chance the Rapper is an artist whose music praises and lifts up our common humanity, and whose call for action speaks to the yearning of this moment. This year, more than it has in a generation, we must use the power of our voices and our votes and exercise our sacred right to vote.”

Chance, legal name Chancellor Bennett, is equally as excited saying, “Voting and becoming knowledgeable about this year’s upcoming presidential election is imperative. With a great deal of help from the NAACP, I have been able to provide this awesome opportunity for people to sign up and make the pledge to vote at a few of my upcoming shows. This is super important to me because I want my fans to know that their voices matter and that their vote counts now more than ever.”

With many figures in the entertainment industry encouraging young people to vote, it is great to see someone actually take action and use their platform to give fans a chance (no pun intended) to get involved in this upcoming presidential election. Chance The Rapper is having a huge year in 2016 and is capping it off with a great message

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