Sunday, September 4, 2016

DGainz - Oddball (Album)

DGainz has been releasing music for sometime, as far what we've cover, since 2011. But he hadn't released songs on a consistent basis until 2015, when we heard at least one single, "Potholes". While he hasn't given up his director work, Gainz is definitely showing us that music might of been his first love. Handling three aspect of his own career, rapping, producing beats, and shooting videos, creating material that people want to see and hear, the titled of multi-talent fits him well.

If you've been paying attention to DGainz social media, he's hinted at a new project titled "Oddball", which dropped today. We've heard a number of records from the project, most recently, "Call The Preacher", "Elevated", and "Lost In Pain". Throughout this 13 track album, there's a combination or moods, experiences, and odes to influences. Presenting production that with high bounces, outside of that, this project is sonically fluid delivering a mix of tempo and flows. Stream below.

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