Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lil Bibby Not Ending the "Free Crack" Mixtape Series, Part 4 Coming Soon

"Free Crack", a mixtape series that has been the focus of Lil Bibby's career of project releases, continues. Three years ago we heard the first installment of of the mixtapes, lead by multiple single and videos releases, putting the heavy voice Eastsider on the radar of many new listeners. A metaphor for music good enough to fiend for, Bibby brought about his story of streets and family life and where he's from.

The following year he enter as the latest Chicago based rapper to hit the cover of XXL's Freshmen Class or 2014. He, Lil Durk, Vic Mensa and Chance The Chance grace the cover, which If you remember this was anticipated the year before but didn't come to fruition. Following that he dropped "Free Crack 2", riding a wave of bigger media coverage, aiming to keep things consistent and hold the fans attention.
From 2013 to 2015, Lil Bibby has released a new mixtape, with a the next one dropping this year. Since the release of "Free Crack 3" last year, he's continued to release loose single, popped up as featured artist, released a mixtape outside the 'Crack' series, and more. It seemed the mixtape series would come to an end with "The Epilogue", the album version of "Free Crack 3". The album was available to pre-order on iTunes under Kemosabe Records originally for December 18th, but fans will hear it September 30. While 'epilogue' shows intent of a conclusion, Lil Bibby recently took to twitter to announce that there would be a "Free Crack 4"

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