Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Listen to "Mogul Muzik", "The Tale of Big Body Fiji" + Watch him cook

As Chicago continues to to be a hub of all different sounds and style of music, we'll continues to be on a mission of discovery. Which means when we hear something that can quite possibly get consistent coverage it goes up. Enter Big Body Fiji, a new name to us, that instead of soundcloud link in his bio he gives us his Xvideos profile, a insight into his tastes (great taste by the way).

Over the last nine months he drops a few songs that people seem to draw to the most one of them is "The Tale fo Big Body Fiji". This one is a half singing half rapping catchy piece with a video to accompany it, that shows a fun loving attitude. As he says "Hottest shit since Hurricane Chris - Playas Rock".

A recent track, titled "Mogul Muzik", a is a very high energy song produced by Sanimane. Another catch one, that relies on heavily on the hook but presents moments of beat building.

 Big Body Fiji takes a interest in cooking as well. He teamed up with a upcoming podcast Chicago Sleepers to demonstrate his skills in the kitchen. What we see is a break down of his version of "The Luther Burger", if you remember, gave Riley on 'The Boondocks' the instant itis.

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