Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Listening Party At Iridium With Collective F.A.M.

Strength in numbers, something that many groups of artist believe in whether consciously or unconsciously. Chicago has been on a major roll producing many buzzing names, with many coming from their own separate collective of friends but like mind individuals, forming around each under one banner. Collectives can be sort of a safety net, in such a competitive industry, the increase in numbers can increase success. While teaming up with others is not a sure thing, what's gained is a group of supporters, that if there's a strong bond, can be like family.

There's been many new groups of artist to team up, some small and others larger. Its not always full of rappers, some the more successful groups consist of producers, videographers, singers, and what ever else you can name centered on an art form.

A new collective of artist are teaming up with the message of "bonds over blood", under the moniker F.A.M. or Finest Among Many. While this is a new group, we're familiar with or have consistently covered a few members like Na$im Williams who's a producer DJ, leader of the GrindHouse studio Doc Da Mindbenda, and emcee Keenan Coke. Other members are Adam Tarantina, Cartel Globetrotters, Chillie, Cocky Cakeman, Doc, Doni Hex, Gabriel Canon, Money Mal, Novi, Rashad Nasir, Sandra Sanchez, Sisi Dior, TXTBOOK, Wicked wave, and Kevin Frytz. October 15th, you can catch then in their debut appear, from 6 to 8pm at Iridium clothing store located 1330 N Milwaukee Ave.

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