Friday, September 23, 2016

Mick Jenkins - The Healing Component (Album)

Bringing his new album to the people, Mick Jenkins presents "The Healing Component", with intent to spread love. In the current climate of rap, where there's many complaints about the young up and coming rappers, people over look the emcees who are actually dropping great content. There's more attention put on the guys that can be considered "mumble rap", but with Mick dropping a new album today and staying consistent over the last few years he's a welcome balance to the game.

Developing from in the way he rap from project to project, since "Trees & Truth" we've been able to hear how his production choices have change, playing with different flows, and jumping into delivering melodies in his rap. With this new album, his debut album, fans will get a farthing of the concepts he focused on from "The Water[s]" and "Wave[s]". Holding 15 songs, he's joined by theMIND, Ravyn Lenae, Noname, Xavier Omar, Michael Anthony, BadBadNotGood, and more . Stream below.

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