Thursday, September 22, 2016

New comer VeNom drops a new project titled "Seeds..."

The poet and the rapper are often talked about as two different routes and two different forms of art. But many would consider what the rapper does part of poetry. Rap can be thought provoking, intelligent, and can tell a story. Poetry can largely be read, heard, or be a performance, but depending on the artist you won't necessarily want to read/hear a rappers lyric without the applied production. One writer/poet, Nicole Humphrey who goes by Venom aims to brings the two forms of express a bit more close together with a new project.

Something of a journey, Venom takes the listener through a voyage of development as person, which can said to be symbolized through the intro track. “I hope to start a conversation about self preservation and growth", she says, using her own experiences to kick start that conversation. Over nine tracks, each individually living as its own chapter of the story, we get a combination of emotion, joy, disappointment, self doubt. You truly get a sense of her using music as a means to reach a place of healing.
"I define seeds as the summarization of experiences, those experiences combined leave imprints, imprints that charge our existence, levying our worth, while garnering our perspective; the joy, the tears, the surprises, the disappointment, the quick encounters, the moments of fear, they all plant seeds. I took some words, positioned them within the melodies of music and found some healing in the process. With this project, I hope to start a conversation about self preservation and growth. By extracting poetry from its traditional setting, I hope to advance its singular appreciation in hip hop and R&B.”

Here are a series of poems blended with music. Listen below.

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