Monday, September 19, 2016

"Ten Yurrs Layda", 'Food & Liquor' From Lupe Fiasco's Perspective

10 years ago Lupe Fiasco delivered his first major label album, "Food & Liquor". Leading up to this point in his career had already faced a few struggle with labels, from his Epic deal with his former group Da Pak, to being dropped from the now defunct Arista. On this day September 19th, 2006, Lupe made a huge impact with this album notably the single "Kick Push", "I Gotcha", and "Day Dreamin". His debut album featured credits were Jill Scott, Jay Z, poet Sarah Green, The Neptunes, Kanye West, Prolyfic, Needlz, and many more.

Now in 2016, since "Food & Liquor", Lupe has faced other label obstacles, dropped four albums, and seemed to be on his way out of the rap game. Shying away from media and doing interviews, Fiasco has taken it upon him self to give his perspective to the fans with a monologue podcast. "You only get to do your first one once. I don't do interviews but I will record myself talking to myself lol." says Lupe. "Ten Yurrs Layda" the title of the upload, he breaks down the album cover, the features, and overall gives us a back story of its creation.  He ends with some unreleased music in the end, after giving his perspective if he thought it was a classic album. Listen below.

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