Saturday, September 3, 2016

Xavier & The Thrill - THRILL (Album)

With the reintroduction to the music as Xavier & The Thrill, this Chicago artist definitely caught our attention with his single release "Tears of Legend". Further investigation into his soundcloud, and we're presented with a catalog of songs and projects that showed it was time to play catch up. Xavier has something new for the listeners now though, delivering his album simply titled "Thrill".

Described as a "A psychedelic time trip between early 80s Hollywood nightlife & present day", Xavier is creating the music he wants. A 14 track deep album, we're presenting with music that holds much life, from the energy he brings in his raps, to the production choices. He enlist Backwood Jones, Iman Shumpert, young Wolf, Ari Stylez, David Ashley, Trouble T, and Saba, for guest features. Stream the full project below.

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