Sunday, October 30, 2016

Goodbye Tomorrow - Every Day

The very elusive Goodbye Tomorrow recently kicked off a campaign of a new single release. Mostly opting for a focus on the music through anonymity, they seem to want to open up a bit with their new website, as well as delivering gif art that's in reference to nostalgic times. Reading their new site you are presented with the new music and back story on signing with Rostrum, the original intent, and what its become.

With lyrics that can be set as a anthem to those in the midst of the grind to progression, Goodbye Tomorrow released "Every Day". This new track has a optimist thought to it, looking at life as a day by day, each day is a new beginning and a fresh start. The energy of the production definitely bring the word to life, meant to be play at high volumes, for a combination of dynamic sounds. Press play and get the single here.

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