Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ibn Inglor - Honegloria (Album)

Those artist who lay their emotion on the music, give you some insight to the inner working of their mind, are usually the artist that are progressively carving out a lasting career for themselves. Ibn Inglor is a artist who's built a career out of being honest with the listener through song. We get his perspective on where he grew up, living his life the best way he feels, gets out his frustrations, and brings a positive outlook on future growth. Ibn's sound can be described as dark and eerie, but that shouldn't overshadow that there's a lot being said, and everything is not sadness.

"Honegloria" is 12 track project that get some artist like Mathaius Young, Kris Henry, Ye Ali, Danny Winter, PANH, and Telana. Arran Sym handles the production and mixting with artist direction from Daniel Luiken. Stream below.

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