Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Malcolm London drops new teaser for upcoming album "OPIA"

Malcolm London continues his campaign toward the release of his upcoming album. He recently release the cover art, teaming up with painter Langston Allston for the art work and revealing the title. We've gotten single releases from London, including "Going Places", "(a) Lonely", "Charlie", and "X Factor". Now with the album about a week away, he delivers a new teaser.

When he dropped the cover art and titled at first though it seem like a simple compounding word, meant for denoting a person's eye sight. Looking deeper, Malcolm London seems to get influence from 'The Dictionary of Obsure Sorrow', a website that coins definitions for emotions that do not have descriptive terms. So while originally we were introduce to a album titled, "OPIA", the album's true titled is "OPIA: the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel both invasive and vulnerable.".

So before the October 17th release, this new trailer delivers a visual expression of the intent of the title. London teams up with HOTC TV, where we get scenes of him having face to face conversations with different people, plus a preview of a song. We'll get a project that intends to be intimate and and be vulnerable, expressing that these two feelings and emotions are ok and normal, also a way of making deeper connections. Watch the trailer below.

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