Monday, October 17, 2016

Malcolm London - OPIA (Album)

With a central concept from the album being a descriptive term, "the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel both invasive and vulnerable", Malcolm London delivers his new album "OPIA". London seems to get influence from 'The Dictionary of Obsure Sorrow', a website that coins definitions for emotions that do not have descriptive terms.

Bring his own interpertation of this concept London explains "Ever awkwardly catch eye contact with someone you don't know for more than five seconds walking down the street, on the train, or at a party from across the room? How intrusive it may feel to have someone staring you directly in the eye & yet simultaneously how vulnerable it feels like someone can see into your soul. Internationally recognized poet, activist & rapper Malcolm London wants you to feel exactly that when listening to his new project".

While he aims for an intended emotion, Malcolm brings much more with a multiple sounds and poetic delivery. Jamilia Woods, Ethos, Femdot, How To Dress, Noah Chris, Christian Jalon, Vic Mensa, Maceo, Donnie Trumpet are the enlisted features with production from EB, lasko and more. Stream below and get it on iTunes.

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