Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pavy - Me, by Jonathan McCoy (Album)

Growth is important when taking up a career in the arts. With some artist, growth is evident with each new artistic release, but also growth comes when leaving the nest of home. For Pavy this happen in both forms, from project to project he aimed to present something new to listeners, from "Theory of Defiance" to "R.O.M.E." or from "The Book of Pavy" to "Middle Class Ignorance". We can pinpoint creative growth, where he strives to bring something new. So when he and his team headed to L.A. to continue to grow musically as well as their brand you could already assume that something would be coming and that would ultimately be "Me, by Jonathan McCoy".

For this new album Pavy delivers 12 tracks with features from C. Rich, Vanjess, and Tomas Mac, with production from Tommy Avery. With this album we get a bit closer to his own personal story, in the intro track, how he was brought up, living with his grandmother, school, and more. Where on previous joint projects with Qualmes, it was time to party and deal with the troubles later, here we get a introspective, processing thoughts, relationships, and how far he's come.

Simply said, this is a more mature sounding Pavy, that even shows in his production choice. We get a combination of live instruments for Jazz and oldies influences on songs like "Until The Morning" which is more upbeat, and "Love Life" a  bit more smooth. He also brings things in to a current vibe on "Last Week" with hard drums, and something for the smokers on "What I Want". Stream and download the full album below.

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