Monday, October 31, 2016

Watch New Teaser For Upcoming Austin Vesely Film 'Slice' Starring Chance The Rapper

Last year March we saw Chance the Rapper making his debut in the acting field on a short film called, 'Mr Happy'. He will be continuing to demonstrate his action chops, staring in a new film titled "Slice". His long time friend, who's shot some of Chance's most popular videos, Austin Vesely is the man behind this upcoming movie. Vesely delivered the script and will be directing the film, which is now set for 2017.

In an interview with RedEye he talks about the inspirations and concepts saying, "I was actually really inspired by this novella by George Saunders called “CivilWarLand In Bad Decline.” He has ghosts as a part of the universe. George Saunders is always really good about this: He puts you into a world and he doesn’t explain the rules to you, so you figure it out as you go". For the wait for the movies, earlier in the year he release a letter to fans:

New details have emerged such as, the studio behind the 'Ex Machina' have teamed up with Austin to deliver it. There's also a new trailer for the film, which shows very little, gets Chance on the a motorcycle for a very dark and gloomy scene. Watch the trailer below.

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