Monday, October 17, 2016

With A New Project on the way, The Boy Illinois Hits The Road With Lupe Fiasco Again

With years of making good music under his belt, with CCHH covering since 2010, The Boy Illinois continues to make strides in his career. He's garnered the attention of some respected people in Hip Hop, Such as Sway and Lupe Fiasco, found his way to getting coverage on MTV, and continues to be a artist from the city to follow.

A few years back Illi joined Lupe Fiasco on tour as the opening act, during the campaign toward the release of "Tetsuo & Youth". In an interview with the Source Illi explains how the opportunity arose "Well, I’ve known Lupe for maybe a year or two now. We know similar people and we communicate through those vessels. My manager called me and was like “You’re going on tour” and I was like “With Who?” he was like “I can’t tell you right now cause they haven’t announced it, yet.” I was like “Cool”. Then he called me back 30 minutes later and told me I’m about to go on tour with Lupe Fiasco." The end of 2016 is nearly upon us and the relationship between fellow emcees continue as The Boy Illinois joins Lupe Fiasco, with RXMN, on the road once again.

October 16th, yesterday, things kicked off  in Wilmington, NC and ends December 16th in Aspen, Co. As he sets off on the road, Illi plans for a new project release. titled "Home Court Advantage", the follow up from "DuSable". There's no word on when the project drops, but you can get ticket for their Chicago stop here.

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