Friday, November 11, 2016

Vic Spencer - St. Gregory (Album)

Vic Spencer takes us back to 1999, to St. Gregory high school, ranked 11 out of 148 seniors, on his way to the next step. We get all new bars that seems to be a part coming of age story, at least from the teenage years, a continuation to demonstrate skills as an emcee, and simply getting shit off his chest. In large part he leaves the album up to the listener to figure their feelings out on the content, saying "This album is all about interpretation. It's no wrong answer. That's what make it stand out".

For the album "St. Gregory", the school is an important concept, with the school's mascot being on the front cover and with a hallway on the back. Vic delivers a pack album, holding a 20 track playlist that include single releases "Vic Spencer Is Dead", "Blast Fa Me". He gets legend E.C Illa to join him this album, as well as new comer Freddie Old Soul, Guilty Simpson, D. Brash, Inari Gold, and Hus KingPin. Stream and purchase below.

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