Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Quick Q&A With Na$im Williams, Updates Us On His New Moves

Treated Crew's DJ/producer, Na$im Williams wants to make 2017 his own, with a moves to remember. We've grown to know his music through a number of EP releases, which include "Numbers", "Meridian", "Symbiote" and "King Midas", plus a joint EP with A. Band$ called "Jewelry". Williams has produced for a number locally rising artist from Martin $ky, Angelenah, Sulaiman, Vic Spencer, ProbCause, Rich Jones, Keenan Coke, and the list goes on.

As he prepares to head to the East Coast, Na$im announce that he would be teaming up with a couple different companies to further his career.  We had the chance to get some quick questions in, from some background info on his start, F.A.M, and signing with new management. Read it below.

-How long have you been creating music?

I have been composing music since the age of 10. I am now 25.

-As a DJ and producer, how do you find a balance between both? Or is there a natural balance?

I don't think I have found the consistent balance of being a music producer and DJ because you never know when one of your services will be requested. I just stay ready to produce and perform at all times.

-You've been DJing for Vic Spencer. How's it been working with him? How did you two decided to connect?

Vic Spencer is the big brother I've never had. He is authentic and hard working. Vic asked me to be his DJ when I returned from NYC performing this past May. Kei Morris really convinced us both to make it happen.

-Since the last time I talked to you there was a focus on F.A.M. Is that still a focus?

No more F.A.M, for me, at least. I don't know what they are up to now, but I wish them the best.

-You now have a distribution deal with Cigar City. How did this come about? 

Randy Ojeda of Cigar City Management offered me the deal back in August. I signed in November. CCM has always shown me love and support. I trust that they will help me reach a new level in my music career.

-You're also partnering with Kobalt. Who are they and what are the details behind this team up?

Kobalt Musis is also distributing my work in 2017. They are one of the biggest publishing companies out now.

-After the deal what's next? Any new projects you're working on?

I'm working several Chicago & New York City artists. I'm also receiving new sponsors for my DJ sets. New projects, singles, merchandise, website, & shows coming soon!

-What inspires your musical process?

There are so many factors that inspire me musically. I am just blessed I am around hard working individuals who genuinely believe in me. Everyone doesn't have the support they need which makes it difficult for some to prosper in life.

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